about soa

what is SOA where this will be implemented can any one tell with some example.

Service-oriented Architecture. Do a search of the web for the basics of this architectural style.

For more information on SOA,visit …www.soaspecs.com


Not a bad resource but keep in mind that SOA != web services, WS-* standards, etc.

Thanks Rob…but please correct me if i am wrong in the quote below.

“SOA(Designtime,Runtime,Changetime) in the Integration wide prospective all the SOA based projects/implementations calls/make use of web services,WS-* technology extensively in the development and main adv of SOA based design is reusablility,call from anywhere etc…” do you agree??


I do, sort of. I should have elaborated on my point and will do so now.

  • Following SOA principles does not necessarily mean one must use web services and the WS-* standards. A project probably will use web services, but that’s not a requirement of SOA. SOA is technology neutral.

  • Conversely, using web services and WS-* does not mean that a software system “is SOA.” Indeed, many systems that claim to be “SOA implementations” because of the use of web services are not. They are just a bunch of web services (JBOWS).

SOA is a broad concept which guides the creation of systems. These systems can use any number of technologies, including and excluding web services.

Thank you Rob for the elaborated reply!!!

What ever the SOA concept is,but i have seen lot of people who talks about/implementing SOA projects ask for web services development skills primarly only… thats why i asked the above query and to get your opinion/advice also.


Think of it this way…

Object-Oriented programming is a concept like Service-Oriented.
OO can be implemented using Java, C++, SmallTalk, etc. Just because Java is the most populat OO language doesn’t mean OO == Java. Same goes for SOA. Just because WS is most popular SOA implementation technology doesn’t mean SOA == WS.
As Rob pointed out, using WS doesn’t mean SOA either. Just like if you write a Java program in procedural style, it’s not OO.


I appreciate all of your comments/clarifications!!..Thanks for your precious time on concluding about the SOA in general.Now i am in the same page.