About install TN console 4.6

I will install webMethodsInstaller461.exe

But I always get error message:

The webMethods Installer could not make contact with the server using:
http://wminstall.webmethods.com/cgi-bin/dataserve2.cgi Please check
your network connectivity

what’s mean??
and how do I do??



it means that you are not connected to the Internet, because the installer needs to download from the WebMethods web site the binary files.

What this means is that when you are using you installer you are trying to use the internet to get a copy of the software. Please check the proxy configuration on the installer and see if that is properly configured…once that is in place you should be good to go…

But what is surprising is how come you are getting an online link that too for 4.6 version of webMethods…thats like ancestral era…