A WattEvaluationException was thrown by the XQL Query engine

After sending a IDoc to BC and during processing of idoc and creation of XML , BC is throwing above exception and in SM58 (RFC Queue) also, that particular idoc is errored out saying “<?xml> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP”.

Couldn’t decipher anything…
Is there any one who could throw some light on this ?

Did you, by any chance, solved this problem? I’m having the same and SAP doesn’t give me an answer.

i too had this problem… let me explain my scenario :


here SAP BC calls a web service in MSB upon the receipt ofa idoc from SAP.

when MSB platform was down, and during that time when SAP BC tries to call htat web service, BC would shoot this error msg.

hope this would be helpful…

Sreedhar Kurella

Me too facing the same error. But my scenario is different. I am invoking a webservice through a web service connector which is expected to return a document list of records for my further processing. ANy light on this willo be very helpful.

Thanks In Advance,


Make sure that source is sending as Array in the webService request as per the WSDL signatures.When you load the WSDL to create webservice connector did i created documentTypes with documentlists nodes or did you set input connector services input signatures documentlist(DocumentReference).

Please clarify us.



We are getting the error with more than 1000 records in the docList. Actually an application would populate webservice. Our connector will pick up data from the webservice and the output of the connector is a docList containg all the records as docs under it. when the no of records in the docList is exceeding 1000…its popping out his error…otherwise everything is fine. I hope there is some parameter for time out. Can you throw us some light on that please.


Does your web connector utilize https to interact with the web service?

I ran into this problem as well (making a web service soap call over https), and I needed to set the pub.client:soapHTTP’s loadAs parameter to byteArrayStream to remedy this error.