7.1.1 EDItracking not working

I’m very new to working with X12, and my very first project is to automate the reconciliation of inbound 997 Functional Acknowledgment documents with their corresponding outbound document. Much to my delight, I found documentation in 6.5 refering to the EDItracking table, and better yet, I found that our table was already being updated!

But then :frowning:

As each of our servers was upgraded from 6.5 to 7.1.1, the EDItracking table was no longer updated. I’ve verified that the flows are all still using
wm.b2b.editn:trackEDIdocs which is what I believe is supposed to update the table.

Anyone else using 7.1.1 & successfully using EDITRACKING?

New information: I was also just trying to create reports based on data that is already in the EDITracking table using WmEDIforTN/generateFAreport, but no matter what input I provide (even no input), I cannot genarate a report.

While there, I used the ‘about’ in the EDI Module of the ISAdmin Solutions section, and found that it’s apparently at 6.5.2. I guess I may not be using version 7.1.1 after all!

Check to see if there were any DB upgrade scripts that were needed for EDI. If you were using EDI module 6.5 and are now at 6.5.2, there may now be a mismatch between the table layouts and what the updated module code expects.

Apart from above…

EDI Module711 has not been released yet…So for now it is EDIModule 6.5.2 and it will work fine on wM/IS711.


I appreciate you chiming in on the EDI issue. I rather expected that the reason that I didn’t have 7.1.1 was because it wasn’t yet available, but so far I’m striking out with 6.5.2 in that my EDITracking table is no longer being updated and I can’t get a report using the historical data. If only it did work fine! :cool:

I’m checking with our technical guy who installed the upgrade - I’m hoping that there is a DB upgrade script that was missed because we weren’t using the EDITracking table until I started working on this project.

Yeah, 6.5.2 is the latest EDI module.

You might check the upgrade documents on Advantage. From what I can tell, there weren’t any changes in the EDI tables from 6.5 to 6.5.2 but I may have missed something.

You might also check the IS error and server logs to see if it is reporting something that will point to the root issue.

If that doesn’t yield useful info, I’d suggest opening a service request with wM tech support to get help.

Good luck!