6.1-6.5 Adapters Compatability

Hi All,
We are doing B2BMigration from wM6.1 to wM6.5
I have to investigate the compatibility of B2B 6.1 Server adapters including Standards in 6.5
Below are the adapters which we are using.

Ariba OnRamp V2.0
C1 On Rampv3.0.
RosettaNet Adapterv6.0.1
XSLT Adapter V6.0.1

Could you pls let me know where can I get the information regarding the compatibilities of Adapters based on the webMethods versions
I tried in Advantage site and got the Installation guides of each adapter, but its not clear for each wMversion

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

You can find most of the details in readme file of the product. It provides details about deprecated services and compatibilities. Under the product documentation, you can also find fixes and enhacements document,which gives you details of fixes.

Coming to adapters and e-standards, check, what is the latest release and if you know, what versions of the adapters and e-standards your company wants to go with in IS 6.5. After figuring out the versions, the readme file of the version, will give you all the details required.