404 - The requested resource is not available - Mashzone (MWS Version 10.5)

Hi Team,

Once I logged into MWS - > Application → Monitoring → Integration Server - > Managed File Transfer - > Analytics, receiving below error message.

“404 - The requested resource is not available.
Either the requested resource has not yet been persisted, the resource has been deleted, or you do not have the required permissions.
Please open another dashboard or data feed.
Contact your system administrator.”

If anyone encounter similar problem before, kindly share the findings/solution.

Hi Michelle,

Did you add Mashzone server in MWS at My webMethods → System Settings → ActiveTransfer Instances page? Is Mashzone configured for ActiveTransfer? For Mashzone configuration you could refer “Setting Up the MashZone NextGen Environment” topic in ActiveTransfer documentation guide.


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