403 Forbidden

We have an issue with one Trading Partner where all PO’s submitted from them are receiving the error: 403:Forbidden - Not Authorised for this profile

All Trading Partners submit PO’s to the same URL. It is only this one Trading Partner that we are having issues with. All other Trading Partners are successfully sending PO’s to us.

The Trading Partner in question had a new Certificate that expired on 01/10/2019, which we have applied and orders have been successfully received by our B2B up until 15/11/2019.

We had a new Certificate that replaced the old Cert which expired on 19/11/2019.

The last PO received from this Trading Partner was on 15/11/2019, four days prior the old Certificate expiring.

This particular Trading Partner sent PO’s on 16/11 & 17/11 which failed, prior to the expiration of our Cert.

Where else do I need to check to enable our Trading Partner to successfully send PO’s to us ???


Hi David,

Is this still an issue or resolved now?

If not could you ask your TP to try again and make sure the SSL cert’s matches on both sides (apples to apples) since you already applied on date after 19/11/2019??


Yes this is still an issue. We have applied the TP’s certificate to our Truststore. We have applied our Certificate to our Internal Keystore. The TP has confirmed that our Certificate has been applied at the VAN.

Any suggestions ??

David Krivohlavy

Oh ok… Can you try bump up the SSL/security logging level on DMZ IS as well Internal IS? If already then what is the outcome in the logs?

Assumed you have restarted the IS/TNS post the configuration changes?


Resolved. Nothing to do with Certificates.

Glad to hear David.

Can you please update the resolution (if possible ) in this thread and close the loop?