403 Error - The transport '' is not a registered RosettaNet transport.

I am attempting to send a RosettaNet acknowledgement from our Gentran 5.2 for Windows server to a remote Webmethods server. We are using HTTPS as the delivery protocol.

We receive a 3A4 from our partner successfully and then generate an acknowledgement. When the acknowledgement goes out we get an error 403 returned from the remote web server. I have verified the SSL certificate for the remote server and there are no issues. The remote server registers the following error in their log file:
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]2011-01-11 09:29:23.0199 KST [ISU.0000.9999E] java.lang.NullPointerException
2011-01-11 09:29:23.0200 KST [ISU.0000.9999E] com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.TransportNotFoundException: The transport ‘’ is not a registered RosettaNet transport. Ensure that the required package is activated. If the package is activated, then reload the package and check for any errors.

Does anyone know why WebMethods would be complaining that the transport is blank?


Hi Trevor,

I am also facing simillar kind of issue.Could you please let me know the resolution if you managed to get it fixed.


Hi All,

We are also getting the same error when posting a receipt Ack to the remote server via HTTPS.

Was this issue fixed and how do we resolve this?


If I remember correctly , we got this fixed by changing the mode of sending Acknowledgement from synchronous to Asynchronous.

Basically the mode of sending Ack and the partner receiving the Ack should match. i.e. Synch-Synch or ASynch-ASynch (Preferrable).

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.


You send ack when you receive a RNIF document.
Check the TPA of this document, check the value of :
If it’s empty, put the right value in it (for example: RNIF)
Also make sure the URL you are pointing to is the correct one (support that type of transport)