%2391Verify This%2393 Transaction Volumes of IS and ES

The Architect from webMethods claims that IS can handle tens of thousands of transactions and ES can handle tens of millions of transactions. Anyone wants to verify this and I am kinds of doubtful of what he said since he is completely not familiar with IS.
Thanks a lot.

The architect’s comments are true. It depends on how the environment is setup, the size of the documents and the amount of transformations/validations that occur. Straight piping documents through the system require little memory. Validation will peg the CPU in a high volume environment.

Load balancing and clustering plays an important role as well as operating system deployed. Are you using external queueing mechanisms like MQ Series?

I favor unix over windows for scalability and reliability.

The blanket statement is correct, but once you plug in reality, then you’ll be able to narrow down what your particular environment can handle.

There are also server configuration issues, JVM settings, Memory settings to take into consideration. Fine tuning the Integration Server can make a tremendous difference in thru-put. Number of threads, garbage collection, etc.