ZLIB compression for RN PIPs

Hi Folks,
Is anybody aware of ZLIB compression for Rosettanet PIPs?
At this moment, I only know that ZLIB is used compress large RN PIPs for transimission.
It will be helpful if anybody know more about how to achieve this and can share the info with me.

Murali Mohan

Hi Murali,

We implemented S/MIME compression of RosettaNet payload a while ago. For more information, please go to http://www.rosettanet.org/rosettanet/Doc/0/I05DQMT9GS84DAE7I2JLPCE0B3/RNIF2%5B1%5D.0_TA_Issue%2B01_00_00.pdf.
AFAIK, we don’t make any distinctions between large and small RosettaNet PIPs, when it comes to compression. Please correct me if you think I’m wrong. And, yes, as per that advisory, compression must follow the guidelines of RFC 3274, which says that support for ZLIB is required (a must). Another constraint of this advisory is that it only applies to RNIF 2.0
Hope this helps.Karthick Sankarachary