XSLT Transformer Factory

We have a need right now to be able to switch from Xalan to Saxon transformers in a flow service. One XSLT transform is to use Saxon and then the next transformation is to use Xalan. I found the Transformer Factory Settings where you can change this on a global basis, but not for each transform. Does anybody know how to do this apart from writing my own Java service?

Hi Jimo,

If you are using Version 8 , i beleive we are not able to change individual transformer factory settings… But I can say one thing , if you are transforming XML data,setting the SAXON factory should work… we faced this in xml transformation… I set the value of SAXOn and it is working for us

SAX or DOM parser is the best setting to go with:

Thanks for the responses. We ended up going with the Saxon transformer and had to remove any Xalan specific code in our XSLTs. So we no longer need to switch dynamically between transformers.

Thanks for updating this thread back…glad it worked out for you: