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Hi All,

We are working on webServices in webMethods 6.1
We have created a webService connector and are able to communicate the webService. But in response from webService we are receiving an error.

When discussed with client, we can to know that they have an xsi element in their xml schema and it is mandatory to send a value to it in input.

But if I check the schemas and Doc Types in developer created automatically by consuming the wsdl, I am not able to find a the xsi type field in it .

Can anyone please help me that how can we interpret and pass values to xsi element type.

Thanks in advance.

xsi is attribute used for element/field to associate it to namespace.
declares the namespace http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance as
bound to the prefix ‘xsi’


In your case find out the input field name to populate

Hi Shahid,

When I tried to import the WSDL into webMethods, I was not able to view the xsi field in the schemas that are generated while creating webService Connector.Nor did I find a reference of xsi in the WSDL. But in the sample xml provided by the client I could see a xsi:type field.

I would like to know whether there should be a reference of xsi in the wsdl & how can be process xsi element types in webMethods 6.1.

Please help

In the WSDL, what is the soap body “use” . Is it literal or encoded. If it is encoded, I think, your connector should use soapRPC service and it should take care of the xsi types.
Enable soap logging on IS, and see what exactly you are sending to your client.

Did you see the the input field name in the IS Schema (browse Elements or ComplexTypes hierarchy)/document type wrt xsi attribute you have in WSDL? Are you getting any error while invoking remote WS?


In the WSDL, soap:body use is literal .
The WSDL given to us by the client has no mention of xsi in it. But when the client processed the WSDL through a soap UI, then the xsi:type was visible in the schema that was generated.
When I imported the WSDL in webMethods, I couldnot see the input field name in the IS Schema wrt xsi attribute.
When I invoke the webService, then I get an error in response.

So is there any property that needs to be set .
Please help!!

Hi All,

Even i’m calling a webservice provided by client, where in the operation response is a generic one. Means, there is documentlist inside the output response, which can be of any type of documents available in documents of webservice.
Sample response from Soap UI.

sf:NameNOC Test Site</sf:Name>

I don’t have a attribue called “xsi:type” in wsdl or schema or webmethods.But it shows in SoapUI response. In webmethods, if i’m running this operation i’m getting error " Undefined Object " .

Plz help me in this regard.

How this issue can be resolved.?

Thanks in advance.

Firoz Nalband