XSD validation fails when more than 10 elements

I have an XSD with one root and 10 elements using which I create a new doc type which is the input to a flow service. I can validate the input (in debug mode) using pub.schema.validate just fine.

If I update the XSD to include one additional element - now I have 11 elements under a root (all elements are string), re-create my doc type and its usage in the same flow service as above, the call to pub.schema.validate hangs for a few seconds, makes the IS server restart (designer says I lost connection…and then connection restored).

I also tested starting with 3 elements in my XSD and added one element at a time all the way upto 11. In each iteration I noticed that the call to validate took more time than the previous iteration (with 10 elements the validate call takes about 5-7 seconds to return).

Can someone help with resolving this issue?? Thanks.

Steps in my flow service are –
document to XML string
XMLString to XMLNode

Again, I can get this to work without any issues as long as my XSD has 10 or fewer elements.

What is the version/fix of the IS ?

IS 8.2 SP1 Core Fix 1

Just to be sure when you said “makes the IS server restart (designer says I lost connection…and then connection restored).”, have you seen the IS log too for a “restart” or errors ?

Maybe it’s a problem with the Designer.

There is also a Fix 3 for the 8.2 IS which deals with:

  • pub.xml:documentToXMLString (which produces an invalid XML string with missing namespace declarations)
  • pub.schema:validate (which treats an invalid element value of type dateTime as valid)

Not exactly what you describe, but you can give it a try.

My admin just put in fix 3 and I tried again with the same results. IS restarts (the symptom on the client side is that designer freezes, pops up a message saying connection is lost and then another message saying session to IS server has been restored).