XSD Schema changes not getting reflected.



  • OS: AIX, IS:
  • webMethods 6.5.1

Problem Description: We got a XML Schema (XSD file) and IS schema and IS documents derived from that XSD schema and use the document to validate the incoming XML. But the problem is when that XSD file changes we have to recreate the document and IS Schema every time and this process exposes the developer weird bug with MAPs.

Anyway my question is, am I doing something wrong or can I do something different to over come this issue.

Ram Challuri

Hi Ram Challuri,

Well AFAIK, there is no short cut for this, you need to create new IS schema & IS document if you xsd file is changed.

Let’s see if anybody knows the workaround/shortcut for the same.

Puneet Saxena

Since IS maintains a static “copy” of the XSD as an IS schema node, it is unaware of changes made to the original XSD.

If element or attributes names or structures change, then, yes, there will be an impact on existing code. If only data content constraints change, then existing code may not have to change as long as it is producing XML document that adheres to the updated schema.

I look forward to the long-awaited update of IS XML schema support.