Creating multiple Documents from the same Schema


I’m attempting to use a single XSD to define several XML documents.

When I create an IS document from the XML Schema an IS schema is also created for each document.

Is there some way of getting several IS Docs to reference the same IS Schema or of creating a document type from an IS Schema instead of the source XSD? (aside from manually updating the Content Type properties of each item)


If your XML schema (XSD) contains multiple element definitions you can create a document type from each one.

I create the IS schema from the XSD first and them create doc types from each element.

Developer complains about existing definitions each time you create a new doctype from the same schema, but nothing bad happens from ignoring these warnings.



We Also have have created multiple documents from same schema and we have not seen any issues in doing this.

But as Mark said, we created the xml schema first from the .xsd file and then created the documents.