I want to define the CML schema (www.xml-cml.org) to tamino. I edited the schema with XMLSPY to embed the tamino specific extensions. But still it is not completely compliant with the Tamino Schema as there are many xs:attributeGroup elements etc, which are, I think deprecated in TSD4. I am not quite familiar with TSD4. Is there any parser that can transform any kind of XSD to TSD4? Otherwise can you please suggest me how can I transform the schema into a TSD4 schema.
I am attaching the TSD4 schema generated by XMLSPY.
cmlCore.tsd (200 KB)


you can just use the Tamino Schema editor. It can open any XML Schema document.
Using Tools->Transformation->All at once converts such a schema to a TSD schema




xs:attributeGroup is not supported in Tamino 4.1. The Tamino Schema Editor delivered with Tamino 4.1.4 as well as the version available via the Tamino Community allows transformation of arbitrary XML schemas to a subset supported by Tamino 4.1.

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