XREF DB Configuration


I want to use XREF Transformation. Can you please let me know which document should I need to refer for DB configuration.

Thanks in Advance.

Refer ATC_XREF table. Also BIS guides. Its is already out-of-box, what exactly are you trying to achieve. Please share more details.

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Hi Niraj,


  1. Create a database user/schema with Database Configurator for the Component “CrossReferencing”. This is usually part of IS Internal or IS Core Audit Product.
  2. Create a JDBC Pool under Settings -> JDBC Pool in IS Admins to point to this schema.
  3. Test the pool
  4. Map the XRef Function to the pool
  5. Test the function
  6. Restart the function

After this is prepared, follow Mahesh´s suggestions.


Thanks… :slight_smile: