Difference between an XML database and a Relational Database

whats the difference? how i can specify a node reference?

An XML database stores XML documents in collections. A relational database stores tuples (rows) in tables.

You’ll have to give a little more context before I’ll know just what you mean by “node reference”.

In a relational database you have the concept of foreign key, where you specify a row in a X table that have “relation” with other row in a Y table.

How can i do that in a XML database? is that possible?

In the Schema Editor Tool, i saw that i can specify a reference (in the physical properties of an item (element, attribute, etc.)). The question is, it can help me to specify a kind of “relation” with some node in a document?


please refer to “tsd:nodeRef” in “Tamino XML Schema Reference Guide”


I’ve read the reference guide and i stil do not understand how to define that “node reference”

do you have some examples?

It could be great, thanks.

I’m defining a schema that will be store documents like

doctype = Person:




doctype = Address:

Street ...

How i define a nodeRef between the node “address” in the document “Person” and the document “Address” ???

“dereference” in true means that if i make a query to “Person” i will get something like this

Name Street ...

the node address dereferenced, is that right?



attached you’ll find an example for tsd:nodeRef

nodeRef.zip (2.04 KB)