XQuery test suite?

I was looking at the W3C’s XQuery test suite and noticed that their results page doesn’t show anything for the Tamino implementation of XQuery. Has Software AG run the test suite for Tamino? If so, will they be publishing the results?


The results of running the test sequence against Tamino would not be very meaningful at this point int time. The reason for this is that the test sequence is based on the latest XQuery specification, but the Tamino XQuery processor is not. The reason for this is Software AG’s strategy of following the development of the XQuery specification. Due to the large number of existing Tamino installations, it is not possible to have frequent changes of the Tamino interfaces.
On the other hand the XQuery specification seems to become a W3C recommendation in the near future. Software AG is planing to provide in addition to the current XQuery processor an extension to reach XQuery conformance. To prove the conformance it would be a good idea to publish the results of running W3C test sequence against the extended query interface.

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Looks like XQuery reached Recommendation status today. No pressure to get that extension done. :wink: