I can’t make the SMH monitor port for XMLRPCSERVER (a non-local instance) work.
I assigned port 4050 (entirex.server.monitorport=4050). I had the port opened on our network and verified my pc’s connectivity to it using TELNET. Then I added it as an RPCSERVER in SMH.
I’m not sure what information the SMH should give for a non-local RPC Server, but SMH just says that it is “Down”.
I can monitor and control a local instance, so what is the problem with my non-local instance?

Remote RPC server functionality is only available for RPC server platforms where the SMH is not available. This restriction is in place to avoid unauthorized management of a RPC Server on Windows/Unix

You can still monitor it remotely if you connect your local SMH to the remote SMH.

Thank you for your response.
So are you telling me that, unless I have SMH running on the UNIX server where the RPC Service is running, I will not be able to access anything at all on the UNIX server from “RPCServer” on my local SMH ? It is not our intent to run SMH on the UNIX server.
I understood that there would be remote monitoring capablity under “RPC Server” but no control capability.

Yes, see http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite9-6/EntireX/9-6_EntireX/adminUnix/adminRpcSmh.htm#adminRpcSmh_addRemote