xmlrpcserver outbound ws-security.

Is it possible to configure a mapping, deployed on xmlrpcserver, to create a SOAP call from NATURAL to a web service that requires ws-security (element encryption and username token). We have been working with a similar requirement in ws-stack for inbound calls to NATURAL and have had some success in the .aar configuration, but there is no .aar equivalent for outbound calls.


Hello James,

I got the following feedback from a colleague. No guarantee it will work :wink:

  1. prepare configuration of XML/SOAP RPC Server
    a. Make a copy of /WS-Stack/repository, e.g. wssrepo for using with XML/SOAP RPC Server
    b. The repository must contain module rampart.
    c. In the configuration file (axis2.xml) the rampart module must be engaged ( )

  2. add WSDL and repository information in configuration file of XML/SOAP RPC Server

    <exx-xmm name=“example.xmm”
    wsdl=“example.wsdl” service=“exampleService”
    port=“exampleServiceSOAP11Port” repository=“wssrepo” >

         If using EntireX credentials (rpcUser and rpcPassword) add usernameToken="PasswordText" or usernameToken="PasswordDigest",
         otherwise add user/password handler to axis2.xml (configuration of OutflowSecurity) 
  3. modify the WSDL file to add the required WS-Policy