xmlpullparser not found

since yesterday (when a lot of stuff got updated) i cannot compile my app for Android…
Compiling 48 source files to D:\SoftwareAG\ws82\mobile2\DemoInbox\Builds\0.0.1\AND_Samsung_GalaxyS_temp__java_edit_\bin

[javac] D:\SoftwareAG\ws82\mobile2\DemoInbox\Builds\0.0.1\AND_Samsung_GalaxyS_temp__java_edit_\src\com\softwareag\mobile\nativeuidemoinbox\MyCanvas.java:4: package mdes.xmlpull.v1 does not exist

[javac] import mdes.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException;

Do i have to change some property/configuration to get this compiled?

many thanks

Hi Javier,

That looks like a slight bug in the Cross Compiler/Android libs relating to logic where we were trying to get rid of the Android Eclipse java/javax errors for embedded libraries.

The org.xmlpull.v1 package is not actually part of kxml2 or webservices (it’s part of xmlpull which kxml2 relies on), and actually ships with Android itself, but the cross compiler is over aggressively renaming the package to the internal scoping mdex.xmlpull.v1.* which doesn’t exist only mdes.xml.* does.

I think just simply copying in the source for xmlpull will do though, it’ll then cross compile into that package for you.




Ok, fixed for phoney…

just had to change the build order so that kxml and xmlpull built first…