xmlns declarations lost in parsed xml documents

When a XML document is sent to a B2B service via FTP, the xmlns namespace declarations are lost. According to the Built-in service Reference this applies to documentToRecord. I think also in queryDocument and other pu.web services this is the case. In my application this data is needed for a response xml document. How can this xmlns namespace declaration be retrieved?
Any suggestion is welcome.

WmPublic pub.web:queryDocument fully supports XQL using namespaces. If your documents always use the same prefixes you can just hardcode them in your query. Or if you want real namespace/prefix behavior see the nsDecls parameter of queryDocument. You can pass in the prefix/namespaceuri pairs that you use in your query and they will be mapped to the correct nodes in the document no matter what prefix is used in the document (as long as the namespaceuri matches). This parameter has existed since release 3.0.

In the case of pub.web:documentToRecord, namespace declarations are output as an attribute field into the resulting IData.


Would output like this:
IData boundNode
IData myDoc
String @xmlns:myns=“www.myCompany.com/myDoc
String myData=“data”

This boundNode could be sent to pub.web:recordToDocument and the namespace declaration will be put back where it came from.

This behavior was added after 3.0, but by 4.5, maybe Customer Care can give the exact release.

My document looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>

Is there a way to preserve/retrieve element xmlns?


What version of the Integration Server are you running?

Certainly in releases >= 4.0 the xmlns tag will appear as an @xmlns key.

Server version 4.0.1