XML via HTTPS that invokes a service on IS 4.6


I would like how the integration server handles concurrency.
If there are two HTTPS requests to a service at the same time how does the IS react and handle these requests?

We are currently considering a solution with a partner who will send an xml message via HTTPS - how does one consider performance / concurrency if the partner could send 2000 messages a day (real-time)

Any responses greatly appreciated




Each post creates a new session in IS. 2,000 messages / day is not a large number. However, if each message was 500Mb in size or if the messages each required lots of work to process or if your IS was running on a recycled 386 with 128M of memory, you might have an issue.

In short, you can’t plan adequately for performance without much more data than you’ve provided and without conducting your own performance tests to validate any design-time assumptions.