xml values

hi all
i have newly joined in web methods.
i have created one xml file and then by using getfile i have taken that file.
then i have converted that into string by using byteToString.
then stringToxmlNode and xmlNodeTodocument.
but now i want to store these values into table.when i am trying to give document as a input,null values are stored in table.
please help to slove this problem

is this a database table you are trying to store? Then just store the string to a clob field via insert statement ( JDBC insert service)

How are you trying to insert values to DB? If through JDBC Adapter service then what kind of adapter service is used by you?

The document you got from xml file and the input document of the adapter service may have different structures or atleast different fileds. You need to map individual fields from the document to the adapter input document fields.


ya we need to map the values.
but when we convert xml file in to document…that document is not having any filed.
if we extend it we will find nothing is there in document.
so i could not map.