How can we map the null values in the documents to prepare X

i can not able to map the null values. Here is my requirement

1.we are getting the values from the database
2.looping over the results.
3.some of the required fields were coming as null, i want to prepare the XML for those empty fields also.

Can we achieve that by using copy conditions or regular expressions…

any inputs will be greatly appreciable


You must be having XML document with you already. Initialize the mandatory/required variables as blank. When you loop over the results, put a check for not null while mapping those required fields of XML from database results.

So finally the required fields will either be mapped from database results or they will be present in XMLDoc as blank. Then you can go ahead with document to XML service.

Please check and revert.


you need to have a java service where in you check for !null and then concat a space to the field this way you get the field in the response.