Accessing doc elements using XMLNodeToDocument

I’m trying to convert an xml string into a document structure, whose elements I can access.

My thinking has been…

  1. convert my xml string to an XML node using xmlStringToXMLNode
  2. convert node to a doc using XMLNodeToDocument

Once the XMLNodeToDocument has output a document, i expect to be able to retrieve the values contained within. In the pipeline is “document”, however I can’t access any of the individual fields or even see what it contains.

Can anyone help me understand where I’m erring?

Thanks in advance.

You are in the right track,May be the node is not valid or something is messingup when creating the node.Check the Error.log in the ISAdminconsole webpage.

Once you have created node (check this in the pipeline) nextstep will be
XMLNodeToDocument (input parameters will be node,set makeArrays=false,documentTypeName=fullyqualifiedname (this is optional))
then you will see the output document in the pipeline.

If possible upload the screen shot of your mapping or the sample package with existing logic)so that it will be easy to resolve solve


Thanks for your response RMG,

There are no errors in log.

When I convert the output document in the pipeline to a string, using DocToXMLString, and then output that string using debugLog I find the xml structure in place but there are no values. Just empty tag pairs.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Reasons might be many since these are basic flows and sometimes crazy things can happen in the mapping which we need to debug properly.
So if possible upload a sample package containing with your flows,this way no prediction with ideas.