XML validations error

I have to validate an xml which is being sent by a client, so i used
XML:xmlStringToxmlNode and then Schema:validate.
Can anyone please help me in solving the error below.

[ISC.0082.9001] Error while parsing “[ISC.0042.9329] No namespace declaration defined for attribute xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation in element :form1”

Thank you for the help

The namespace prefix “xsi” is not associated with a namespace definition. Depending on the schema, you may be able to remove the attribute from the form1 element. If not, you will have to add a definition for the xsi prefix in the form

 xmlns:xsi="http://some namespace"


Thank you for the help.

I have added nsDecls as you said(xsi:http://www.xxsi.org/test). the error i got back is : [ISC.0082.9010] Incomplete content - one or more child elements are expected

I am unable to figure how i can solve it as i am new to Webmethods

My post said nothing about using nsdecls. You need to add the namespace declaration to your source document before attempting to validate it.