xml validation fails in IS 7.1.2

We recently upgraded our IS from 6.5 to 7.1.2. We have a existing service which process the xml’s. Here are the steps


Issue is, pub.schema:validate step is failing with the error: [ISC.0082.9003] Unable to locate a matching element declaration.

This is working fine in IS 6.5. But we have this issue in IS 7.1.2. Wondering whether anyone came across this issue in 7.1.2.

Thanks for your help.

There were lots of changing in XML and XMl schema handling introduced with IS 7.x. Be sure you have the latest patches for 7.x then check your schema validation against a tool like XML Spy. It could be that the IS 7.1.2 behavior is correctly finding a validation issue with your instance document.


[SIZE=2]We found the issue. The issue is due to a change to correct validation in IS 7.1.2. In 6.5, webmethods API were not checking correctly that the XML document matched the schema file for having the same target namespace. Thats why we didn’t get this error before.

The fix that introduced this behavior is described as:
Schema validation does not work properly when an XML instance does not have a namespace.
During schema validation, if the Integration Server schema has a target namespace, but the XML instance does not, the validation passes, even though it should fail.
This update corrects the problem.

So we will need to either change the schema or change the xml document.