XML Toolkit

I currently have no experience with the XML toolkit and am trying to figure out if I can use it for something I want to accomplish. I would like to be able to dump the contents of an adabas file to XML for use as a data connection in Excel. I have successfully generated supporting files using a PDA but when I attempt to generate it using and LDA, I consistently get the error

I am trying to generate it using the following options:
Project: RN2
Library: RN2
Object type: Local Data Area
Object name: INVXMLL

INVXMLL has the following view definition:


We typically keep DDMs in a SYSTEM library but I even created the DDM in my library in case that was the problem. The DDM is:

DB: 001 FILE: 060  - INVMASTR-XML                     DEFAULT SEQUENCE:   

I can successfully read this view via the INVXMLL LDA.

Should I be able to use the toolkit to create the object necessary for dumping a file to XML. If so, any idea why I get the error message in NaturalONE?

Thank you.

A generation is only possible for top level groups not views.
One reason for this is, that a view can’t be part of a parameter data area which is used by the generated code.

Thank you Eric.