xml spy dtd and tamino


I have three schemas, where one schema (A) imports
other two (B,C). I try to generate the dtd from
the one schema importing the others, but it always makes problem with the Tamino schema editor. My questions:
- how can i create schemas based on XML Spy schemas in Tamino?
- what shall i do if xml dtd’s verify with XML spy, but not with the tamino suite?
- is there a easier possiblity to create tamino schemas and import XML spy edited data?

thank you very much for your answer…


currently Tamino does not know the XML Schema “import”. But the next version of Tamino will do.

Tamino does support only a subset of the XML Schema language, I think that is what you mean by XML Spy schema.
Best is to work the other way round: Use the Tamino Schema Editor for the creation of the schemas, by that you do not use more XML schema than known by Tamino. And you can easily add Tamino specific information as index settings etc.
The schemas created by the Tamino Schema Editor are XML Schema conform and should be usuable with XML Spy too.

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