XML Spy and Schema editor

I have a Schema designed in XML SPY. The Schema Editor of tamino 2.1.1 does not opent the schema. I only upgraded the schema Editor to the latest on then it worked and opened the schema designe in XML Spy.

My Tamino XML Server is version 2.1. I can’t define the schema to the database.

and also on the schema I have custom namespaces.

Tamino 2.1.1 has a proprietary schema language that is not conform to XML-Schema. For Tamino 2.1.1 you have to use the respective Schema Editor.
Tamino 3.1.1 has a schema language that is a subset of XML-Schema with Tamino specific additions in the “appinfo”-parts. Because it is only a subset, the use of Tamino Schema Editor 3 is strongly recommended for that purpose.
The schema language of 3.1.1 does not support multiple namespaces, it does support only the targetnamespace.