XML Schemas and Namespaces

Hi all,

I’ve got two questions:

1) I know you can start with a DTD and generate a Tamino database XML schema from it. Is the same possible with W3C XML Schema (xsd)?

2) Suppose a document contains namespaces (like ‘xmlns:adlcp=“http://www.adlnet.org/xsd/adlcp_rootv1p2”’). The point is that the ‘adlcp’ namespace prefix isn’t fixed (only the associated URL is). How can I write queries that are independent of the prefix? (I can write something like ‘manifest//item[adlcp:prerequisite=…]’, I’d like to be able to use ‘manifest//item[http://www.adlnet.org/xsd/adlcp_rootv1p2:prerequisite=…]’ or something equivalent)
In XPath one could use ‘namespace-uri()=…’, but that function is not supported by tamino.


Hi Martin,

about your first question: you will be able to use xml-schemas to generate Tamino-Schemas via Tamino Schema Editor from the next version 3.1 (in November?)