XML Schema Validation IssueAmbiguous content model in schema

I have a scenario where my XML instance is not getting validated with XML schema in the “validate” step. However the same instance is validating with XML Spy. Following is the error, which I am getting:

Ambiguous content model in schema – not LL(1)
Error Code : NV-009

Please note that my schema have namespaces in it and it’s particularly blowing out when it is trying to refer fields in an imported schema.

Any advice, input would be helpful.


Given the age of this post, I suspect no one is waiting for an answer. However this message relates to webMethods IS 6.1 not supporting the XML Schema element “all” (or xsd:all)
See webMethods SR-1-50000433
"we do not support xsd:all element. This is planned for the next IS release (after 6.1). There is a workaround

  1. replace the tags :
  • </xsd:all>
  • </xsd:sequence>
  1. Make sure that you have a root element defined on your xml schema otherwise you would not be able to generate the final document"

Hi All,
I am still getting this error in webMethods version 7.1.2 when generating WSD for consumer service. The WSDL i am using is the one which is created from a flow service existed on the same Integration server. Any input would be highly appreciated.


Hi All,

I have observed different behaviour of using ‘pub.schema.validate’ service.

In ‘conformsTo’ input field,by giving IS document/xsd schema, the behaviour is different.

Please share your views on this.

Please have a look at the attachment for more details with screen shot.


Hi All,

I have a big problem using schemaValidate with a schema generated from an xsd.
The same problem:

Ambiguous content model in schema – not LL(1)
Error Code : NV-009

I am using WM 7.1.2 with Fix15 for xml and WS.

When I use the IS document to validate data, I get not more the same error, but there is no control concerning the attributes. Any thing would be allowed, unlike xml schema.

Any ideas for my post? [url]wmusers.com