XML Schema validation errors.

Hi All,

I’m trying to figure out a solution where I need to drop the xml tags for some of the optional fields if they’re null in the XML.

Basically, I am getting schema validation error for optional fields ( The property says allow null false and required is false ) but when there is no value the IS is treating it as a null value and throwing schema validation error.

How to avoid this situation and drop the xml tags for optional fields. Please let me know.

Try this service ps.util.idata:removeNullFields, its been a while i used this but i think this service should remove empty fields from the doc.


Hi Akki,

Thanks for the post. Just wanted to know is there any other functionality other than using a external service to remove null fields?

My main problem is the document is failing schema validation for optional fields as well( min occurs 0 and allow null false ).

Pls assist if you have any other thoughts.