XML Runtime Exception 2000 0001

Please, help me!
What does it mean when I call web service method:

XML Runtime Exception 2000 0001 Broker Exception: Caused by:Natural RPC Server returns:
ND=serPM=8,N01S011BLB=3,CISOA9,0OA2,0OA2,0SN2,0SN2,0SN5,0SN8,0SN8,0SN8,0SN8,0SN7,0SP6,3SN6,0S, NE=01,NATSRVD 1220 U

Hi Aleksey,

the info you sent is not enough to diagnose the probelm. Do you have an RPC trace?
You could create a support request, if the issue can’t be resolved quickly.