XML Gateway Oracle Target Gateway connection problem

Dear all,

I want to create a connection for the Oracle Target Gateway, after I
inpurt the hostname and db name, user/password, I click the “Test” button,
following message appear:

Ready to attempt connection
RDBMSDriverSpec -


Version <>

Major Version <9>

Minor Version <2>


Unable to get connection metadata, caught exception: There was a problem
running your SQL:
Build Details: Version 7.2.3

The Chinese words means: nubmer overflow

It’s strange when I ignore the problem and continue the steps, it seems I
can connect to the database in other steps, any one meet similiar problem?
and what’s the reason? thanks.


The test connection uses JDBC calls to get and display metadata on the JDBC driver and then on the database. In your connection an exception occurred while collecting and printing the database metadata. JDBC drivers do not always populate all of the metadata so errors such as this are not uncommon. We can however, improve the message that is produced when the error occurs.