Does RDBMS Gateway support Oracle BLOB datatype ?


Does RDBMS Gateway support Oracle BLOB datatype ? If yes, how can it embedd the XML result back to Mediator Payload ? :confused:

Any idea is welcome.

Hi Tony

The EntireX XML Gateways for RDBMS (there are a few “gateways” out there, so just to be sure we are talking about the same thing) does not support BLOB’s. Implementing it has been discussed but nothing has been decided.


Hi Jon,

RDBMS Gateway does not support BLOB. So I have to use Gateway for Oracle DB instead.

According to documentation, Oracle BLOB data type is mapping to Byte of XML Gateway Data Type. Am I correct ?


Yes Tony, you are correct.


Hi Jason,

I have tried to use XML Gateway for Oracle to retrieve Oracle BLOB datetype. However, it returned error (see attached screen). Anything wrong ?


Hi Tony,

You’re seeing an error in the Wizard. This is fixed in the next patch,