XML digital signature generated by pub.security.xml:signXML

I have an issue with the built-in service pub.security.xml:signXML. Our customer has an existing .NET program that generates the signs the digital signature and it is accepted on the target system.

I did a test to sign with the built-in service pub.security.xml:signXML and it seems the service adds additional values in the xml by adding <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> at the beginning of the output and Signature section has the ds namespace added. Is there a way to suppress these unnecessary additions?

Hi there,

         From the version 10.3, there is a way to suppress the "ds" prefix if you want to do so. There is an additional input parameter provided to the pub.security.xml:signXML - "addDSPrefixToSignature".  By default, this input variable is set to true, and the "ds:" prefix is added. To create a Signature without the "ds:" prefix, set "addDSPrefixToSignature" to false.

Note: An empty or null “addDSPrefixToSignature” is treated as true.

About the xml declaration at the beginning, there is currently no option to not set it.

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