Difference Between The Certificates and usage of PKCs services

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the Certificates and I seek your Expertise in the issue I am facing.

we are using digital signatures and I have a Self signed certificate and Private key to sign a document using the service pub.security.pcks7:sign.
The inputs to the service are datString (bytes), Key ( private key(bytes)) and Signer certificate(Bytes).I am setting the detach signature set to True and extracting the signature. I am appending that signature as another file and sending it to TP. TP already has our Public Key but some how he is not able to validate our Signature. All my certificates are in .DER format.

I am receving a mail from him and When I try to validate the TP Signature using his public Key I am getting the following exception com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0086.9085] An error occurred attempting to reconstruct the signature: Next ASN.1 object is no SEQUENCE!

I am usnig the following services in this sequence. I get the email from Smtp service
After this I have
String List with XMlMessage and Signature withIndex 0(xml) and 1(Signature)
I am using pub.security.pkcs7:verify where Signature is the Stringlist(1) and
data is StringList(0).

Hello I am also facing the same issue. Did you get a solution for the error.

I am getting this error while accessing a ,net web service in java . which also require diitial signature.
THe error appears where the java application is unable to parse the signed xml sent by the .net web service.