Digitally sign an XML document

Hello all,

I am in a time crunch and would like a pointer or two on the subject.

How can I use webMethods services to digitally sign an XML document? Seems like something that should be easily done in webMethods, but I am having a tough time finding out how to do this.

I have installed the WmebXML, WmebXMLSecurity, WmebXMLSamples, and the WmTN packages as I was led to believe I could find samples on how to digitally sign XML documents with an X509 certificate. Unfortunately, either a simple example doesn’t exist or my knowledge gap is too great to understand what I am looking for.

By the way, we do not use Trading Networks at all, so that isn’t really an option. I only installed it because WmebXML required it.

Appreciate any help I can get on this! :slight_smile:


I guess it was a knowledge gap! This is a simple thing; in webMethods 8.x use Instructions on use are in