XLink Server

I can’t imagine that you never ran into the problem that you had to join two or more documents into a new resulting document.

OK XQuery is making its entrance very soon, but I decided to build a simple JOIN implementation based on a restricted subset of XLink/XPointer (actually we really needed such an implemtation because our customer wants to make its own queries for batch processing).

Included you’ll find a zipped war file. I have tested it with jakarta TOM-CAT 4.0.3.

If you start the server (something like http://localhost:8080/XLinkServer) you will see a start page. You can create a test set and test this test set with the XLink definition, that is located in the TEXTAREA.

Please be aware that this version is somehow limited but I think that it will cover 80% of your JOIN problems and it is very memory friendly since I’m using SAX (that’s one of the reasons why it is a bit limited).

XLinkServer.zip (1.98 MB)