Tamino X Xlink

Does anyone know about the support for XLINK/XPointer in Tamino?

Thanks in advance …
Alissandra Martins

I have the same question as you have. Can anyone anwser it. Thanks a lot in advance.

Tamino has currently no specific support for XLink. However XLink is specified as a sort of XML application by defining certain elements and attributes. You can use the standard
XLink schema, if you convert wit ith the
XML Schema to TSD4 conversion tool of the
newest Schema Tools.

In order to process these nodes the join functionality of Tamino XQuery
can be used in order to follow links e.g. by comparing xlink:label with xlink:to and xlink:from.

For XPointer there is also no realisation. The functionality of accessing
document fragments can be usually
expressed by an equivalent query.

Best regards