Xerces with Tamino ?????????

Hi all,

Is it possible to use Xerces with Tamino, instead of the default ? If yes, how can I register the new Parser with Tamino and how to proceed ?
Any suggestions would be thankful.


If you really need to do this soon there is a version of the Java DOM API that supports JAXP 1.1, Xerces SAX1,Sax2 and the Docuverse DOM etc.
You can swop in other parsers and DOM implementations - for instance Crimson

It is available as a downloadable package to together with simple explorer

This is not officially supported - though we use it all the time in this part of Software AG developmentwithout any problems. Some people in the field use it.

Otherwise you must wait for the new Java API which
has a different interface but supports Xerces.

If you can’t find it on this site - post here



Thanks for the answer, Nigel.