X-Tension and Transactions

Hi, I have implemented an X-Tension in Java that retrieves other documents (with SxsXMLXql) and inserts the result in the “calling” document. It works as i want. :slight_smile:
But if i access the “calling” document in localtransaction mode with isolationlevel protected all documents accessed with SxsXMLXql are not locked. I think this makes the usage of XMLCallback not applicable for transaction processing. Am I right or are there any solutions locking a document with SxsXMLXql depending on the current transaction mode of the calling session? (I

Hi Ben, unfortunately You ran into a problem already known in Tamino v3. It has been fixed in Tamino v4.1, which is currently under release. Please contact Your local Software AG representative for a license.
According to our current planning there will be “starter kit” of this version with certain limitations available in summer 2003.
Best regards, Michael

Thanx Michael, meanwhile i have found a transaction save solution thats works with version 3.1.