Isolation Levels

Dear all,
the isolation levels as described in the TAMINO documentation don’t meet customer’s needs.
Customer wrote:
" User1 processes load operation XMLDoc1, XMLDoc2,…XMLDoc, commit.
The problem is that e.g. User2 can read, for example, XML Doc1 before User1 sends the commit command, which is not the desired functionality. User2 is allowed to read all the other XML documents from the collection but not the XML documents that are just written there in an unfinished transaction. Only after the transaction initiated by User1 is committed, the User 2 is allowed to read the new inserted documents.
Do Tamino have any settings to prevent User2 to read the documents that User1 writes, in the same collection, until the commit command occurs? Is it possible to do this without locking the entire collection?" Any idea ? Thanks

Using isolation level of protected should prevent the user2 reading an uncommitted document stored by user1.

Enclosed is a spreadsheet explaining the various combinations of isolation levels where user1 performs an update without commit and user2 tries to access that document. This reflects what is essentially is described in the documentation.

hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.
transactions.xls (14 KB)