Lock Types in Tamino


How the locktypes are being implemented in Tamino ? I mean [ Column level, Record level, Table level ]. Ofcourse there is no concept of Column, Record and Table in Tamino.
How the concurrent updations of a single Node are managed in Tamino ?

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1. Currently there is no update of a single node possible (not implemented yet). Only documents can be updated.

2. For Locktypes and how to use locking have
a look at the documentation, e.g.


The _isolation Parameter
The _isolation parameter specifies in what way two or more applications can access the same data simultaneously. If one session is currently accessing data from the database and a second session attempts to access or modify the same data, the setting of the _isolation parameter for each of the sessions determines whether access is possible for the second session.

The _lockwait Parameter
The _lockwait parameter specifies which action to take if data is currently not accessible because another transaction has used the _isolation parameter to restrict access to the data. This parameter can have the following values:

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So does this mean - Tamino support “document-level locking” ?

Or, does it lock the entire collection ? Or, it depends on what operation is been performed ?



“document-level-locking” is what is done.

This also means that a query with no “where”-clause (i.e. ?_xql=doctype) issued in a transaction with isolation=protected locks every single document in this doctype.

Whereas ?_xql=doctype[node/node=“HelloWorld”] would only lock documents for which the query expression node/node=“HelloWorld” is true. SELECT FOR UPDATE is the sql-ish expression for this behaviour, I think.

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