WxDoc - webMethods Document Generator

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Could anyone please share WxDoc.jar/WxDoc package which is used for webMethods Document Generator for flow, java services.

Let me know if you need more details on this topic.


Mahesh: Give more details on this topic. I didn’t hear about this jar so far. Is this useful in WM8.2.2 ?.
Also let us know utility of this what all you know. Also share jar with all if you get it from any where.


This jar/package is used to generate the documentation of elements like flow, java services, triggers, document types. The comments mentioned in these elements will be shown on the documentation as .html file.

Hello Mahesh,

Please try the below webnair url and it is helpful for the wM document generator.


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Prem Sai

I already viewed this webinar and then posted this topic :slight_smile:

Share me if you have further details.

Do anyone have a copy of WxDoc that they can post here?

This package is not available as part of webMethods Product Suite. You have to contact your local SAG GCS sales guy.

Let me know if you find something about this.


Hi Mahesh,

I hope you got some more info on this topic.

Will WxDoc be compatible with any of the previous wM versions 7 and 8?

I am also speculative about the documentation that gets generated by this because most of the developers

  1. write comments in their own way which sometimes is a difficult task for others to understand the core logic of the transformations and mapping of the service.
  2. Some developers wont give line wise comments for each flow step and also for variables.

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Hi Vishnu,

I am not sure if it supported on 7 and 8, you may have to contact SAG GCS team for more details.

WxDoc is not a free software. you need to contact your GCS sales rep to get jar file and license.

it is an interesting tool. Generates documentation from comment section of services.

i have used this tool in past with 9x. looking at code i believe it should work with 7x\8x just fine.

let me know if you have any specific question and i will see if i can answer


if a tool is working on different versions of wM or not depends on the following facts:

  • JVM being used
  • Common services of wM Version being used


  • When a tool is prepared for using JVM 7 or 8 it will most likely not run on wM 7 as wM 7 does not support JVM 7/8.
  • When a tool is using certain services like the pub.client.sftp:*-sevices the tool will not run on any wM Version before 9.5 as these services have been introduced with wM 9.5.

These are just samples but they give an idea for compatibility between different wM- and Java-Versions.


Thanks a bunch for the reply…Guys.