WSDLs do no contain service input and output definitions.


I build a number of services in on a webmethods 7.1.2 “proof of concept” box.
I exposed these services using web service descriptors.

The WSDL generated from the WSDs look fine in that environment.
The document references I used for the services I/O are included in-line with the WSDL.

Now, we have built an actual 7.1.2 development box.
I migrated my services over to this new environment and attempted to generate a WSDL from them there. When looking at them, the no longer contain the schemas for the documents in-line within the WSDL.

I thought maybe there was a broken reference or something but as far as I can tell, all the document references are there.

Any thoughts on what can cause this to happen?


Are both environments at same fix level?
How did you migrate package? Did you use Deployer?