WSDL -URL in Optimize WSDataCollector

Hi All,
I am stuck at how to get a WSDL URL from the BAM optimize WSDCollector engine in webmethods 7.1.2.
Need to create a WS Connector using that wsdl URL in developer.
Based on the optimize Administrator guide and users guide:
Web Service DCA is one method of collecting data from external sources
Web Service Data Collector includes two interfaces that client applications can use to send data to Optimize:
The dimensionalData interface (IMonitorDataCollector, or WSDimensionalDataCollector) is used for sending both business and event and dimensional data.
we can automatically generate a client from the Web Service Data Collector WSDL documents using webMethods Developer.
[SIZE=2]Requirement is to subscribe the document which is published on a source IS broker Server and Push the subscribed data to target BAM optimize server using webservices.
BAM Optimize configuration setup is done at target server. Need to generate KPI graphs and reports at MWS dashboard.

Could any one provide me inputs to start up with the development.

Thanks in Advance,

Did you also check the “Optimize_For_Process_Administrators_Guide.pdf” which covers this topic?